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Emma's Blog

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

25 September 2017

This month we are focusing on Breast Cancer Awareness Month! This is a charity very close to my heart and we are hoping to raise as much as we can to help the charity. To help spread the word we are also doing a COMPETITION  on Twitter! To enter all you need to do is Retweet and sign up for our newsletter to win one of these sparkly treasures. There will be a winner announced on each Friday in October. Please do spread the word and get entering. Join our newsletter HERE


Musings on Mothers' Day

10 March 2017

Musings on Mothers’ Day I’m slowly coming out of the sleep deprived fog and am just out of maternity jeans (although I do wear them on Sundays now to accommodate Sunday lunch).  I mean, I’m no Gisele, who was back on the runway within weeks, whilst breastfeeding and earning her millions again, but I am out of pyjamas, which is a big step forward. And out of nowhere we’re on the cusp of spring; it’s March and I’m going to be celebrating my first Mothers’ Day.  Well, technically, Lilly should be celebrating it, but as she’s only 4 months old, I’ll let her off this year.  Looking back through photos, I have acquired over 400 of Lilly.  Every single day she seems to do something new that requires me to pick up my phone and snap away.  But scrolling through, trying to find a picture of us together for this blog, I can count on one hand the total number of photos I have of the two of us together.  These moments are rarely captured if you rely on a third person to take the photo.  So, I have decided that I will take a selfie of us and on every Mothers’ Day from now on and just for good measure I’ll be wearing my maternity jeans; it is on a Sunday after all. It has slowly dawned on me that I never get to drink a hot tea anymore.  I make it, put it down and then give Lilly her bottle/put a wash on/have a shower/do my online supermarket shop etc etc.  I then come across it approximately three hours later, pour it down the sink, put the kettle on and the whole thing starts again.  Wash, rinse, repeat.  So this Mothers' Day, I will be treating myself to the luxury of no domestic chores and a hot cup of tea.   I think back to when I was little, crashing around in the kitchen making my mum breakfast in bed.  Most years it would be a bowl of cereal; sometimes she might get a slice of toast too if she was lucky.  The kitchen would always look like a crèche at lunchtime, but they say it’s the thought that counts (I’m not sure my Dad entirely agreed, but let’s not labour the point).  The point is that one day I might be lucky enough to get breakfast in bed, but for now, I will treat myself to an actual sit down with the Sunday papers and a tea whilst Lilly is having her nap.  The washing machine will be switched off until Monday.  Now that is something worth celebrating. So if you’re wondering what to get for your mum this Mothers’ Day, maybe take a selfie and demand that she sits down for an hour or so.  But to make it extra special, you could also treat her to an Emma Lomax bag, complete with 10% off all bags in the range.  Use discount code 4MyMum at checkout from Saturday 11 March to Sunday 26 March 2017. ‘Til next time,  


Crackers for Christmas

14 December 2016

Festive Greetings from Emma Lomax HQ! I am not sure I will ever understand how yet another year has zipped by without me even drawing a breath, but here we are again; tree down, decs up.  I have finally decided that this year will be the first year that I fully embrace the Christmas Limbo week.  The week nestled between Christmas and New Year that never even knows what it is.  I often find myself flitting between wishing that we could all just get back to normal and then reprimanding myself for wishing it away.  After all, it is the only legitimate time of the year when nobody bats an eyelid that you are drinking champagne for breakfast in your PJs. I’ve been inspired by a friend I visited recently, who had hung 24 little stocking pouches on her mantelpiece.  But, instead of taking something out, you put something in.  A reverse advent calendar if you will.    She and her twins write something down that they are grateful for each day and put it into the pouches.  They are simple things like the kids’ achievements at school, a lovely meal or a trip to the park on a sunny autumnal day.  It was a real celebration of good news and positivity and a lovely thing to be able to look back on together at the end of the month as well as being a keepsake in that delicious box of childhood memories. I have two big accomplishments this year that I will be reflecting on during Limbo Week.  At the beginning of the year, I started working with some fantastic distributors around the world.  This has meant that my bags have been able to go global; something I could never have imagined even 18 months ago.  Then, in November, baby Lilly arrived, so the year really has been book-ended by two life changing events.  I might even raise a little glass of bubbles to myself so I can start 2017 feeling pretty good - a couple of pounds heavier perhaps (damn you Malteser Reindeers), but optimistic and joyful nonetheless! So why not all toast your own successes this year – however big or small.  I think we could all do with a little boost to push us in to 2017. In the meantime, enjoy all the festive frolicks that this time of year has to offer. I hope you all have a wonderful time whatever you have planned this Christmas.  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. See you in 2017!


The Latest Addition

15 November 2016

This year has been a busy and amazing year for Emma Lomax London and I am so proud to be able to share all of this hard work with you.   This year I started building relationships with distributors across the globe, who have  have all been instrumental in pushing me beyond what I believed was possible.  Because of this, my bags have now attracted much attention from the USA, Hong Kong, Japan and much of Europe and I hope that it continues to evolve and grow around the globe.  In the UK, I have been tasked with designing exclusive ranges for John Lewis, Harvey Nichols, Fenwick, Selfridges, QVC and British Airways. Not only that, but I have also just become a mum, so will have to learn to navigate the tricky waters of working mums.  I am determined not to let motherhood from stopping me designing though.  I feel so fortunate to have been able to make my passion into my livelihood and I’m hopeful that this passion and a new baby could just be the inspiration for new designs and ranges in the future.  Those of you who are getting on with your Christmas shopping, keep reading on to see my personal favourites.  For those of you who like a bargain, then keep an eye out for some great Black Friday offers which will be coming soon.  So watch this space. 


The Ultimate Bag

31 October 2016

To all you mums out there, I could really do with your help.  I have been so busy finalising the S/S' 17 collection that it had escaped me that I actually needed to pack a hospital bag, rather than just buy things and leave them in the hope that they would jump in the bag themselves.   Obviously, baby’s bag has been packed for what feels like an eternity, but I need your advice on what should be going in mine. Having never done this before, I have taken a punt, trawled the internet and ended up with this combination so far, but it would be great to hear your comments on what you took in to hospital and what essentials you think I am missing. Hair ties - I hear these are essential for those of us with long hair Slippers - for pacing up and down that ward, before and after. Backless ones too, to limit the amount of time bending over! Fybogel, Gaviscon and iron supplements - all stalwart companions of mine throughout pregnancy, so I'm sure I won't be saying goodbye to them just yet Breast pads and Lansinoh - need I say more?  Lansinoh can also double up as handy lip balm too. Face wipes, dry shampoo, deodorant, moisturiser, toothbrush and paste - a girl has to keep a certain level of dignity, no? Besides, how else does everyone get those post partum glowing mum and baby pics? Trek Bar - oat-standing, protein filled, gluten free snack which might beat hospital food in any case... Receiving blanket - like this one from www.trend-lab.com Amongst the anticipation and excitement about finally meeting and cuddling baby Lomax this week, I am also pretty excited about being able to see my feet once more.  Although for every gain I suppose there is always has to be a loss, which I presume to be the use of one arm, as inevitably one will have Baby L permanently attached.  Which means I had better get on and pack that bag, whilst I still have the use of both arms... 'Til next time,    


A List of Note(s)

06 October 2016

I often get laughed at by friends who think I make lists from lists from lists.  But for me, it just makes my already overdriven brain feel that bit less anxious.  They provide me with instant gratification and purpose.   One of the best pieces of advice I was ever given was to make lists embarrassingly simple.  If it’s too comprehensive, you can’t complete it and it dents your confidence.  So, let’s say you want to take up pilates.  You have never done pilates before.  The moment you write ‘do pilates’ on your to-do list, it will be doomed, because you see it written down but you don’t know where to start.  So the best thing to do is to break it down into simple steps: Find pilates studio near me Sign up with studio online Go to class on Wednesday at 7pm All of a sudden, you feel amazingly inspired to do things.  I, personally, love writing things down.  I get a huge cathartic satisfaction from physically crossing things off with a marker pen.  Others find their iphone reminders page just as satisfying.  Whichever way you choose, I promise you will feel instantly decluttered. I’ve realised sadly though, that the older you get, the more boring your lists become.  It wasn’t so long ago that they started with things like; ‘organise accommodation in Copenhagen for weekend’.  Now it’s more likely to be along the lines of: Ask friends for recommended plumber (preferably one who isn’t going to rip me off completely) Call plumber Ask plumber to sort out weird hissing noise from cistern So now I’m inspired to add some fun things to my list each week.  Even if it’s just Facetiming an old friend, spending time with Betty or completing a Rubik’s cube. Give me some inspiration; where’s the fun on your lists? ‘Til next time!    


Back to the schooldays

05 September 2016

It's always hard to say goodbye to the long summer nights (although the balmy ones definitely seemed to have been few and far between this year), but I just love September.  It has always been my favourite month.  I think it stems from my love of new shoes and new stationery, forged in early childhood.  That ubiquitous trip to Clarks to get measured for my new school shoes followed by an outing to Woollies to stock up on new folders, A4 pads and multiple packs of post-it notes, which I never actually used at school, but they did make me feel very grown up.  This passion has never left me, so I'm in the midst of designing a new range of pencil cases, so watch this space!  That box fresh association has never left, and for me, September is the only month in the year except for January that signals a natural time for change, a time for reassessment and ruthless decluttering; which in my case means an outward appearance of calm, even if everything is just shoved behind a cupboard door. If I still haven't convinced you about September, then remember that it's time to start baking again. Any excuse for that Sunday apple crumble after all. Plus there's always the new coat too.... Til next time,


Win an Emma Lomax London Beach Tote Bag

16 August 2016

As I am heading off on my travels soon using one of my bags, I thought it was only fair that some of you get to use one of my bags too.  Three lucky winners will win my orange ice cream bag, which is perfect for taking everything to the beach. Just tell us what your essential beach bag item is, follow us and retweet as many times as you like between now and midday on 30 August and the lucky three will be contacted later that day.  Happy holidays and good luck!


Flying Smarter

11 August 2016

I'm really excited about my upcoming trip to the Big Apple at the end of the month.  New York never ceases to amaze me and I'm meeting some very interesting people, but the one thing I never particularly look forward to is the flight.  I don't have a fear of flying and I actually enjoy the buzz of a busy airport in August. Airports are after all, a guaranteed place to indulge in some enjoyable people watching; the backpacker, the frequent flyer, the ubiquitous hens and stags and the worn out looking parents on their annual family holiday.   I do, however, have a fear of disturbing the stranger sitting next to me whilst I rummage about in my bag for the umpteenth time to check that my passport is still in there/for a pen/my bottle of water/my book/my moisturiser/ooh and maybe I will check one last time that my passport is in there for good measure.  My bag will have suddenly turned into the Bermuda Triangle somewhere between the check-in desk and the aircraft.  It's all a little bit too close for comfort when you are flying toute seule.                                                           I have come up with the perfect solution though.  My SOS range means that I don't need to keep looking.  I can see everything I need to see.  So whoever is sitting next to me on my flight should consider themselves very fortunate indeed.                                                             Safe travels.


Emma & Jonnys GYM Comp!!!

31 July 2015

COMPETITION!!! As a lot of you know my brother, Jonny has an awesome Gym on in Fulham, London. We recently launched our range of gym SOS Kits, all inspired by Jonny and everyone that comes into the gym. We wanted to celebrate launching these bags so we are doing a competition !!!!We are offering 3 lucky winners a GYM SOS kit (choose from pink or blue) and free Fitness MOT at LOMAX PT. Each Kit contains: Pair of trainer socks, padlock, Batiste dry shampoo, hair brush,  LA Fresh deodorant wipe sachet, anti-bacterial wipe sachet, plaster, hair tie, pair of earphones Enter as many times as you like by RT and following both of us. Competition ends midday on the 12th August and three winners will be picked at random and told later that day. Good luck everyone and have a awesome day Emma x



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