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A few Top Tips when removing your Shellac

09 July 2015

Your SOS Shellac removal Kit

What you will need

I LOVE having my nails done with Shellac, because I am always sewing and using my hands all day I find it is the only way of keeping my nails looking lovely for more than 2 days. HOWEVER because like all you busy ladies out there I never have time to go to a salon to remove it. This is why I created the Shellac removal SOS Kit. It has all the products you need in one place making it easy to keep you nails in conditions between manicures with NO peeling. 

We have also put in here one of my favourite nail oils by MAVALA which retails at £6.75

A few top tips to help keep your nails in good condition whilst removing Shellac from


 File & Go A Mile  

• A great optional trick just before you remove your Gel Polish use a nail file and file the surface of the top coat to break the initial seal, this will help to speed up the removal process.   

 Warning! Do NOT Peel, It's A Bad Deal   

• Ok so it's tempting, day 13 you're going to remove your Gel Polish or Shellac tomorrow, so what is the harm in just picking it off…just a little, then a little more!?  • Whether you do this with regular Nail Polish, Acrylic Nails, Gel Nails, Shellac or Gel Polish you actually pull away layers of your nail at the same time! Meaning that your nails key structural content in your nails keratin is weakened.  

BONUS  - Top Trick For Waving Goodbye To Your Gel Polish or Shellac • If after 5 minutes of soaking off your Gel Polish or Shellac with your nominated removal method you find the Gel Polish or Shellac has not given the desired result. • Simply dampen your removal wrap again with acetone and place back on the nail for increments of 5 minutes.  • This works particularly well if you have applied 2 top coats, have applied your polish thick, used glitter or even just have a few tough spots left.
Check out Honeymunchkins Blog if you arent lucky enough to have your mitts on a Emma Lomax Manicure kit


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