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A List of Note(s)

06 October 2016

I often get laughed at by friends who think I make lists from lists from lists.  But for me, it just makes my already overdriven brain feel that bit less anxious.  They provide me with instant gratification and purpose.   One of the best pieces of advice I was ever given was to make lists embarrassingly simple.  If it’s too comprehensive, you can’t complete it and it dents your confidence. 

So, let’s say you want to take up pilates.  You have never done pilates before.  The moment you write ‘do pilates’ on your to-do list, it will be doomed, because you see it written down but you don’t know where to start.  So the best thing to do is to break it down into simple steps:

Find pilates studio near me

Sign up with studio online

Go to class on Wednesday at 7pm

All of a sudden, you feel amazingly inspired to do things.  I, personally, love writing things down.  I get a huge cathartic satisfaction from physically crossing things off with a marker pen.  Others find their iphone reminders page just as satisfying.  Whichever way you choose, I promise you will feel instantly decluttered.

I’ve realised sadly though, that the older you get, the more boring your lists become.  It wasn’t so long ago that they started with things like; ‘organise accommodation in Copenhagen for weekend’.  Now it’s more likely to be along the lines of:

Ask friends for recommended plumber (preferably one who isn’t going to rip me off completely)

Call plumber

Ask plumber to sort out weird hissing noise from cistern

So now I’m inspired to add some fun things to my list each week.  Even if it’s just Facetiming an old friend, spending time with Betty or completing a Rubik’s cube. Give me some inspiration; where’s the fun on your lists?

‘Til next time!




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