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Back to the schooldays

05 September 2016

It's always hard to say goodbye to the long summer nights (although the balmy ones definitely seemed to have been few and far between this year), but I just love September.  It has always been my favourite month.  I think it stems from my love of new shoes and new stationery, forged in early childhood.  That ubiquitous trip to Clarks to get measured for my new school shoes followed by an outing to Woollies to stock up on new folders, A4 pads and multiple packs of post-it notes, which I never actually used at school, but they did make me feel very grown up.  This passion has never left me, so I'm in the midst of designing a new range of pencil cases, so watch this space! 
That box fresh association has never left, and for me, September is the only month in the year except for January that signals a natural time for change, a time for reassessment and ruthless decluttering; which in my case means an outward appearance of calm, even if everything is just shoved behind a cupboard door.
If I still haven't convinced you about September, then remember that it's time to start baking again. Any excuse for that Sunday apple crumble after all.
Plus there's always the new coat too....
Til next time,


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