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The Ultimate Bag

31 October 2016

To all you mums out there, I could really do with your help.  have been so busy finalising the S/S' 17 collection that it had escaped me that I actually needed to pack a hospital bag, rather than just buy things and leave them in the hope that they would jump in the bag themselves.   Obviously, baby’s bag has been packed for what feels like an eternity, but I need your advice on what should be going in mine.

Having never done this before, I have taken a punt, trawled the internet and ended up with this combination so far, but it would be great to hear your comments on what you took in to hospital and what essentials you think I am missing.

Hair ties - I hear these are essential for those of us with long hair

Slippers - for pacing up and down that ward, before and after. Backless ones too, to limit the amount of time bending over!

Fybogel, Gaviscon and iron supplements - all stalwart companions of mine throughout pregnancy, so I'm sure I won't be saying goodbye to them just yet

Breast pads and Lansinoh - need I say more?  Lansinoh can also double up as handy lip balm too.

Face wipes, dry shampoo, deodorant, moisturiser, toothbrush and paste - a girl has to keep a certain level of dignity, no? Besides, how else does everyone get those post partum glowing mum and baby pics?

Trek Bar - oat-standing, protein filled, gluten free snack which might beat hospital food in any case...

Receiving blanket - like this one from www.trend-lab.com

Amongst the anticipation and excitement about finally meeting and cuddling baby Lomax this week, I am also pretty excited about being able to see my feet once more.  Although for every gain I suppose there is always has to be a loss, which I presume to be the use of one arm, as inevitably one will have Baby L permanently attached.  Which means I had better get on and pack that bag, whilst I still have the use of both arms...

'Til next time,




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