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Summer saving starts now! The story behind my Penny Purse..

13 March 2013

Well, since my last post the sun has been and gone already! Its even been snowing in the UK, so summer is a long way off I think. So, now is the perfect time to start thinking about sunshine and sandy beaches and swimming in the sea - time to book your summer holiday!
But unfortunately, we all know that wanting to go on holiday isn't enough to be able to actually do it, and most of the time some saving needs to be done. So, whilst cutting back on spending in the run up to your trip away isn't exactly fun, make it more enjoyable with a Sewlomax canvas Penny Purse!
This embroidered purse was inspired by my lovely Mum! My mother is called Penny and so I wanted to do a design specifically for her to say thank you for teaching me all the tricks of the trade. I grew up watching her sew and embroider and make all sorts of wonderful creations, and it spurred me on to start putting together my own designs and work hard to make SewLomax a reality!
Like all of the canvas bags in my collection, the Penny Purse is made from eco-friendly and ethically sourced cotton, which has been treated with Scotchguard to protect it from spills and dirt. The Penny Purse is lined with my limited edition SewLomax printed lining, and secures with a metal zip fastening to keep all of your hard earned money safe!
The Penny Purse is just £12 at www.sewlomax.com so it wont make a big dent in your holiday spending money! Also, don't forget that it is Red Nose Day this friday, so try and 
donate some of your pennies to the cause :)
Emma x


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