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The story behind the SewLomax poo bag!

27 February 2013

Believe it or not, spring is finally on its way in the next few weeks! It feels like winter has dragged on and on this year, and every time the sun peeks out from behind the clouds, a few more cold days come along and scare it away!
But if theres anyone who loves the outdoors, no matter what the weather's doing, its dogs! Now I'm a firm believer that pets should be spoilt too, so I made sure I designed an embroidered canvas bag in my collection for them too!
I owe all inspiration for the creation of the SewLomax poo bag to my dog Betty: 
Without Betty I would never have come up with this bag, which - I think most of you will agree - is a must have as a dog owner. There is nothing worse than the disgusted look from a fellow dog walker when you have run out of poo bags to clear up after your furry friends!  The poo bag easily clips onto your keys or your lead, so theres no excuses anymore! Be prepared - and stylish - with this useful little canvas bag….
Just like all the other SewLomax bags, the poo bag is made from ethically sourced cotton and its protected with Scotchguard so you can wipe it clean if it gets mukky! And best of all, its currently only £9 at www.SewLomax.com! So grab one now whilst you can!
Now Im off to hang out with my dog, who's probably already dreaming about her next adventure! 
Don't forget your poo bag..!
Emma (and Betty!) x


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