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Given up cakes for lent? Find out why I designed my cupcake wash bag..

20 February 2013

February is one of my favourite months - only 20 days at work, Valentine's Day and best of all - Pancake Day!!
But after pancake day comes Lent, where everyone tries to give up chocolate, or biscuits, or cake (or anything yummy but bad for you!) until Easter. But don't worry, you can still get your cake fix thanks to my embroidered cupcake wash bag - all of the pleasure without any of the guilt!
This tapestry was put on the wash bag by popular demand. The general collection answers to a rule; that what is on the bag, the bag functions as. The cupcakes don’t apply to this rule; this is not a bag for cupcakes…! I am a sucker for colours and pretty yummy things. For me cupcakes are truly inspiring and I will argue with anyone who thinks otherwise!

Like all of my embroidered canvas bags, the cupcake wash bag is protected by Scotchguard and you can wipe it clean to ensure your cakes stay looking yummy! Inside the bag there are elastic loops to hold your lotions and potions in place, and a water resistant lining to protect your treats from spills!

The cute cupcake canvas wash bag is available from www.sewlomax.com for £32. Grab yourself a Lent treat today!

Emma x


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