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A little treat for single girls: the story behind my lipstick pouch

13 February 2013

There's nothing I like more than hearing how much people love my embroidered canvas bags, and the most popular one of all is probably the lipstick pouch. So many people loved it that I introduced a limited edition version of it with a SewLomax designed lining! Get your mitts on one while you can, and don't forget to send me a photo of your canvas pouch in action!

Today I thought Id give you a little sneak peek into how I came up with the design for the embroidered lipstick pouch, and what my inspiration for it was:

The inspiration for this came from all the rows and rows of beautiful lipsticks laid out in make up halls, and the excitement of buying a new lipstick. To me they always look like little people chatting to each other and they look like they all have their own personalities! These are the personalities I wanted to put down onto the bag for other people to enjoy.

The embroidered canvas lipstick pouch is available at www.sewlomax.com for £28. It is wipe-clean and protected with Scotchguard to keep it safe in your handbag!

Its Valentines Day tomorrow, but singletons need spoiling too! Grab a bargain and treat 
yourself to 10% off the lipstick pouch by using the discount code 
valentines at sewlomax.com :)

Emma x


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