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Whats In My Sewlomax #Makeup Bag This Week

01 May 2014










Hi everyone!

Hope you are ready for the bank holiday weekend! Today I was able to get my hands on a Giorgio Armani Blusher (Retail price £32). On this occassion I  had colour number 5 Beige Violet but there are several other colours to choose from. I have used many other blushers before but I have to say I absolutely love this one! First of all, the colour is beautiful and bright which is great for defining my cheekbones and sculpting my face. It is soft to the touch and nice and light on my face. It is really easy to apply and leaves a healthy finish look! What makes the blusher so fab is that is comes in a cute little compact size with a mirror which fits neatly into my Sewlomax make up bag!

Ladies why not use this bank holiday to treat yourselves! Just to give you an idea on application, have a look at this youtube video by Ms Sparkle Arkle. Enjoy!



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