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Whats In My Sewlomax #Make Up Bag This Week

08 May 2014








Hello to all you make up ladies!


I hope you are enjoying the sun just as much as me. This week I tried out a Dior Mascara, I have never used this mascara before and was pleasantly surprised. Looking at the way its designed, it is simple and sleek. The mascara comes in a thick tubed bottle which is great for holding and the brush is nice and wide, this means the mascara is applied evenly and has NO clogging what so ever and for a contact lense wearer it is essential thing to think about when wearing eye make up.

I applied the mascara as I would with my regular brush and noticed it dries really quick with no smudging. If you are anything like me you will understand my problem, I often blink when applying my mascara which ends up ruining all my handy work so having a mascara that dries fast and well with no transfer to my eyelid is excellent.

 I applied the Dior mascara in the morning so having spent the whole day rushing around and continuously rubbing my eyes i usually look like a panda. When it came to remvoing my make up later, my eyelashes looked great. They still had volume and were stilled curled with no smearing or smudges!

This is a fantastic product and of course fits snugly into my Sewlomax make up bag! Please check out our youtube video, courtesy of Lisasz09.

Have a great weekend!




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