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Whats In My Sewlomax #Make Up Bag This Week

16 May 2014


Hello to all my makeup ladies

First off I would like to apologise for the slightly late blog this week I have been super busy but of course i cannot forget to post a blog about my favourite makeup this week!

This week I was recommended MAC lipsticks. I'm not usually a lipstick chick but its summer and I wanted to brighten up my look! I wanted something light and breezy but still compliment my lips. I chose Happy Go Lucky and found it to look surprisingly nice.

Happy Go Lucky is absolutely gorgeous, as soon as i put it on my lips I fell in love with the colour. It was bright but not in your face bright. The day I tested out the lipstick I had a schedule full of meetings so as you can imagine ladies, appearance is key. I had coupled the lipstick with subtle eyeliner and very little foundation so almost like the natural look. 

The lipstick did not dry my lips and before I first applied it i put on some natural lip balm. Sometimes when I do this the lipstick colour does not show as well, MAC on the other hand, applied brilliantly, my lips felt soft all day long. During the course of the day I of course ate and drank and yet still the lipstick stayed on!

The lipstick looked good all day and I will most certainly be returning back to MAC to buy more. This is a lipstick worth investing £15 into. It comes in a slim lipstick tube which fits nicely in my Sewlomax makeup bag. So ladies get yourself down to MAC to try out a few lippies! There are so many colours to choose from!

For some ideas of what colours may suit you check out this video by beautycrush!

Have a great weekend whatever you ladies are doing and enjoy!







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