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Whats In My Sewlomax #Makeup Bag This Week

22 May 2014








Hello my makeup ladies!

Hope you are all doing well, what terrible weather we are having this week! This week I tried out another new mascara made by benefit called they're Real! I got as a gift from a friend of mine who said they have been using it for a while and found it to be really good.

I want to start with the name of the product, 'they're Real!'. It makes the mascara seem somewhat cheeky but still alluring. The appearance I love! A silver sleek bottle makes it look expensive and very glam. Looks great and comfortable to hold.

I applied it as I would any other mascara and thought I would have to use my eyelash curler (like usual) but I didn't have too. It applied really well to my eyelashes.The mascara wand is made out of rubber and has bristles on it eliminating any clumps. The little bristles meant that I was able to get into the corner of my eyelash giving my lashes a luscious even curl.

It dries really quick and looks nice and dark making my eyes pop not matter how much or little makeup i have on. All in all this is a must have mascara! Nice and compact making it fit neatly into my Sewlomax makeup bag! Check out a mini review by The MakeupChair, this video will show you the difference the mascara can do.

 Hope this has helped ladies and have a great bank holiday weekend. I know i will! 




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