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Whats In My #Sewlomax Makeup Bag This Week!

30 May 2014








Hello my makeup ladies!

What a fine Friday to tell you about my latest product I have sampled! I was given by Mavala a rather gorgeous selection of sparkling nail varnishes. I have sparkling silver, red, purple, gold and bronze which are all fab. A different one to match my changing styles! Each nail varnish comes in a really cute bottle with a shimmering silver/gold handle.The handle is just the right size to hold and the brush isn't to long. I sometimes find the handle to nail varnish bottles are really pretty but awkward to hold.

The nail varnish applies really well with no clumps! I can never seem to apply sparkly nail varnish without a build up of clumps. Out of all the colours I have my favourite is the Sparkling Silver. It is of course clear with nice sparkly bits in it, the reason why this one is a fav for me is that it can be applied staright to my nails (with a base coat of course)! Or I can even apply it on top of other colours! I thought this was a great idea, as I am planning on going out this evening. At the moment I am wearing a simple dark blue on my nails and wanted to jazz it up a little. I put the Sparkling Silver on top and it looks really elegant but still fun!

This is most certainly a nail varnish I would recommend. I can now add this to my ever growing collection of nail varnish and safely tuck it away in my Sewlomax Blueberry Nail Varnish Makeup Bag! Below is a short video on how to make your sparkly nail varnish look extra sparkly by graciellaagnes enjoy!


Well ladies I hope this helped! Have a fab weekend!


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