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27 May 2015

Festival Survival Kit !

When going to a festival being as organised as you can be before you go is key!!

We all know that feeling fresh for as long as you can can make the difference between raising those arms in the air like you just dont care or hybernating in your tent ....


Whats in your Kit:

Dry Shampoo: For that third day when your hair is starting to stand up on its own.

Antibacterial Wipe: For all those sticky burger fingers.

Deodorant Wipe: For when a shower is no where in site ... Get that Barnet ship shape

Hair Tie & Hair Tie & Hair Slides:  Get that Barnet ship shape. For when your tent goes walkies

Torch: For when your tent goes walkies.

Poncho: When it rains, it does pour... Glow all night long

Glow Stick: Glow all night long

Plaster: For any dance related accidents

Ear Plugs: When your ready to get some sleep but maybe your friends aren't yet





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