Engagement Greeting Card



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Ring Sticker Engagement Greeting Card 

Yeah, you rock. Celebrate the fun engagement of a coworker, friend or a family member with an embroidered sticker ring engagement.They will love the passion and  long lasting sticker present as much as their fiancé.

DIY your stuff with this initialed greeting card!

A richly embroidered colourful ring sticker engagement greeting card. The patches have a sticky backing so can be removed from the card and stuck on to a favourite handbag, laptop, notebook, phone, the options are endless

To apply this sticker please peel back the plastic backing and then apply with pressure to your chosen surface. This sticker does not stick to fabric but can be stitched on.

Left blank inside for your own personal message, use this card for any occasion.

Sticker Care:

Stickers can be removed by peeling off, once peeled off, this sticker cannot be reused. If any residue left behind this can be easily taken off with a wet cloth. These stickers can also be embroidered on. 

Size: W: 5.1 * H: 7cm

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